Car loan at 79 years – now with no age limits

Due to their old age, many donors refuse to request a loan. Still, there are ways that retirees can get a loan.

Car loan at 79 years – house bank

Car loan at 79 years - house bank

Many older people in particular are often customers of a savings bank or a Best bank. Of course, these house banks also provide loans for their customers.

If you want to apply for a car loan from your house bank in old age, you have to make an appointment with a customer advisor. The bank customer must bring an offer from a car dealer to the appointment. A valid ID should also be carried. The advisor can obtain information about the available pension or assets from his computer.

The customer advisor obtains credit bureau information and calculates the credit rating of the bank customer. Bank customers who apply for a car loan at the age of 79 are rated lower from the start.

In many cases, additional loan collateral is therefore required. It is also possible that residual credit insurance must be taken out. Anyone who cannot offer this security or who does not want to enter into the additional agreements must expect a cancellation.

Improve creditworthiness – collateral

Improve creditworthiness - collateral

Nowadays, very many banks grant loans even into old age. Older applicants, in particular, must be able to offer banks additional loan collateral when requesting a loan.

Anyone applying for a car loan at the age of 79 should be able to offer high-quality property security or personal security. For example, many lenders accept the following as collateral:

  • savings,
  • Stocks and funds,
  • coin collections
  • Gold and silver other precious metals
  • property values

When buying a car, it is also common for many banks that the registration certificate II, the so-called motor vehicle letter, is retained as collateral. If there is no property security, the car loan must be secured by personal security at the age of 79.

The most popular form of protection is a liquid guarantor for most banks. Close relatives, good acquaintances or friends can be considered as guarantors of credit. A guarantor is always checked intensively for its creditworthiness. The guarantor is likely to be held responsible for older borrowers until the loan has been repaid in full.

Auto Bank Loan – Are Pensioners Financed?

Auto Bank Loan - Are Pensioners Financed?

Meanwhile, every major car brand also has its own car bank. These banks offer almost all the services of a universal bank.

The main tasks of the institutes include financing and leasing contracts for business and private customers. To finance the vehicle fleet, car banks usually offer a classic installment loan or balloon financing.

In both cases, credit bureau information is obtained. With the installment loan, the borrower pays a constant, relatively high monthly rate over the entire term. After the last loan installment, the vehicle becomes the property of the borrower. Monthly rates are lower for balloon financing. At the end of the term, a relatively high closing rate remains. This rate can either be redeemed or funded with a new loan.

It is questionable whether a car loan is granted at 79 to car banks. A current pension notification is required in any case. It is also possible for a motor vehicle to be financed only by way of security.

Lite Lender credit marketplace – no age limit

Lite Lender credit marketplace - no age limit

Many consumers cannot meet the credit requirements of conventional financial institutions and online or direct banks. An alternative to these financial service providers are online credit marketplaces.

Credit marketplaces are so-called peer-to-peer networks, on which consumers are served with loans by private donors. Pensioners also receive a loan on these portals.

Lite Lender also operates a credit marketplace. If the requirements are met, a car loan with 79 years is possible because there is no age limit. Pensioners can choose loan amounts between 1,000 and 50,000 USD. The loan terms are between 12 and 144 months.

Credit bureau information is obtained when the application is submitted. The information must not contain any hard negative features. These include arrest warrants, affidavits, or personal bankruptcy. Anyone applying for a loan from Lite Lender in old age should definitely have a second applicant included in the loan agreement.

A relatively short loan term should also be chosen. These measures have a positive effect and can provide funding.

Car finance in old age – loan collateral

Car finance in old age - loan collateral

There are only a few financial service providers who provide senior loans to older people. Older borrowers have a very high chance of default. Lenders therefore very often work with an age limit. However, the chances increase if additional loan collateral can be offered.

Property and personal security is helpful. Short loan terms or taking out residual credit insurance can also lead to a positive loan decision. If you want to apply for a car loan at the age of 79, you should definitely compare a large number of loan offers. This makes it possible to find a cheap loan offer.

Credit Bureau-free loan for pensioners

For many older people, the pension is just enough to cover their daily needs. For more wishes, for example a new car, furniture, a nice holiday, etc., there is usually no money left because the pension is used up at the end of the month.

But retirees also have wishes and in order to fulfill them there is the option of taking out a loan. In some cases, the financial problems caused a negative entry in the Credit Bureau file. In this case, only a Credit Bureau-free loan will help retirees, but approval is usually difficult. This post explains the possibilities.

Possibilities – Credit Bureau-free loan for pensioners

Possibilities - Credit Bureau-free loan for pensioners

Until recently, the banks did not want to grant loans to pensioners. Although these can demonstrate regular income, the banks did not want to approve the loan due to their age. This has changed somewhat over time, but the requirements are still strict.

The bank should already know the customer and be considered reliable. In this case, the Credit Bureau may also be dispensed with. Of course, there are some rules for a Credit Bureau-free loan for retirees, because the banks want to be sure that the money will be repaid.

Opportunities for difficult loan structuring

Opportunities for difficult loan structuring

If a loan request is unsuccessful, another option may be to pledge. For the bank, this significantly reduces the risk of a loan default, because if the borrower fails due to payment difficulties, the guarantor is obliged to repay the installments. The bank therefore has two people to whom it can fall back. Other collateral also increases the chance that a Credit Bureau-free loan will be granted to pensioners. A loan can also be secured with a capital-building life insurance policy or real estate.

Foreign bank

Foreign bank

In particular, when applying for a Credit Bureau-free loan for pensioners, the banks in Germany generally wave away immediately, since they are required by law to obtain Credit Bureau information. This is primarily to protect the borrower from falling into a debt trap. It can be helpful to apply for a loan from a foreign bank. Credit Bureau usually plays a subordinate role at these banks. It is more important to have a regular income. The extent to which a loan is possible must be inquired individually, but a comparison should always be made.

Beware of dubious offers

Beware of dubious offers

There are numerous websites on the Internet where you can compare the various offers. This is very important because not all providers are reputable and lurk with high costs. The comparison is very simple, quick, free of charge and without obligation. After all relevant data has been entered, the various providers are listed and a fair, Credit Bureau-free loan for pensioners with favorable conditions can be selected.

Some providers promise a loan and are ultimately only looking to take out unnecessary insurance. In principle, such offers should not be dealt with. The same applies if a credit broker has been commissioned and they want to have money beforehand. In principle, no costs are incurred before the loan agreement is concluded. If this is the case, it can be assumed that it is a dubious credit broker.

More options

More options

Anyone who has not been granted a loan at the local bank or from a direct bank on the Internet can use the last option of a personal loan. First, you can ask in the private environment whether someone is willing to lend this amount. In the best case, this happens without interest and without red tape within the family. However, for reasons of order, a contract should also be drawn up to avoid disputes. The loan amount, installments and any interest should be recorded in the contract.

Many a friendship or family has broken up for financial reasons. This cannot happen with a contract because it protects both sides. If there is no lender in the private environment, there is now also the possibility on the Internet that a private Credit Bureau-free loan for pensioners can be applied for. On many websites, private individuals now offer their money to help people in need and, of course, to generate returns in this way. As with any other loan, it is important to check the offers carefully in order to obtain a cheap loan and not to fall into the cost trap.

Online loan with no processing fee.


Nowadays, more and more customers want an online loan without a processing fee. Anyone taking out a loan must always expect additional costs, including processing costs. Borrowers recognize the processing fee based on the percentage of the net loan amount.

The fee is only charged once, but can be charged up to three percent. Banks always make money with a loan. Borrowers should therefore always make sure that the costs are as low as possible so that in the end you don’t have to pay too much for the admission. Many providers can be found on the Internet who grant an online loan without a processing fee.

Processing fee – why is it charged?

Processing fee - why is it charged?

Banks set a processing fee to get the administration of the loan paid. In addition, the request has to be processed so that the fee is often requested here. House banks in particular earn additional money on a loan if the processing fee is charged. It is not unusual for direct banks on the Internet to look different. Different providers offer an online loan without a processing fee.

This is because processing is often less problematic and the bank works with leaner structures. Since a lot of money is saved here, an online bank often does not charge a fee, so the loan can be much cheaper than at the house bank.

What the customer should pay attention to

What the customer should pay attention to

If you want to take advantage of an online loan without a processing fee, you should always pay attention to the annual percentage rate. This is crucial if a loan is granted without a processing fee. This makes it easy to compare the loans and choose the cheapest offer. For example, if a loan with a sum of 20,000 USD is taken out and the percentage is two percent, then it is at least 400 USD that incurs costs.

These can be saved by comparing loans. A comparison can also determine the term so that the borrower knows at a glance how much he has to spend on the monthly installments.

How can I apply for a loan?

How can I apply for a loan?

If you want to apply for an online loan without a processing fee, you can choose different platforms on the Internet. Here the applicant has to fill out and submit a form. This application is processed within a short period of time, so that a loan is quickly approved or rejected. Online banks, like house banks, require collateral.

If you can prove a good salary, you will almost certainly have the credit in your pocket. In the best case scenario, there should be no entries in the Credit bureau. Once the loan has been approved, the money will be transferred to the checking account within a few days.

Car loan despite temporary agency work – practical loan solution

Car loan despite temporary work – loan request from the bank

Car loan despite temporary work - loan request from the bank

When a loan is required, many consumers first speak to their bank. The most popular banks are the Lite Lender or the Capital Lender.

Car loan despite temporary agency work – keep up with the times

More than two thirds of all Germans are customers of these institutes. Bank customers who want to apply for a loan from their bank must make an appointment with their customer advisor.

For a car loan despite temporary work, applicants need a valid ID and, if possible, an offer from a car dealer. As with any credit transaction with a German bank, a credit check is carried out at the bank and credit bureau information is obtained. Depending on the number of earnings and the scoring of credit bureau, the customer advisor can approve a loan. In all likelihood, however, only a very low loan amount with a short loan term is approved.

If the loan amount granted is not sufficient, you can ask the bank’s customer advisor whether additional loan collateral enables a higher loan offer. Many banks often accept property or personal collateral for lending transactions.

Additional loan guarantees – this is how many banks behave

Additional loan guarantees - this is how many banks behave

A borrower who applies for a car loan despite temporary work at a bank is usually not considered to be particularly creditworthy. This situation can be improved with additional loan collateral.

To secure an installment loan, many banks accept so-called property or personal security. The following can be used as security for the lending bank, for example:

  • property values
  • fixed savings
  • shares
  • fund
  • Vehicle letter

Those who cannot offer these guarantees should know a liquid guarantor or be able to offer a second applicant for the loan agreement.

As a guarantor, banks only accept people with a high level of liquidity. A surety can come from relatives or friends. Your second applicant is your partner or spouse. For these people, usually joint and several liability is agreed for the entire term of the loan. According to this agreement, a guarantor or a second applicant is immediately liable in the event of a loan default. The bank does not have to wait for judicial dunning proceedings.

Co-applicants are also liable after a separation or divorce.

Autobank – different loan models are possible

Autobank - different loan models are possible

Much of all motor vehicles are now financed. Financing is also possible directly from a car dealership. The banks that provide these auto loans are usually a bank that belongs to the auto group. Dealers who are not tied to a brand work with a cooperating bank.

These banks usually always offer two different financing options for car buyers. This includes a classic installment loan and a so-called balloon financing. With both financing options, car buyers can make a down payment. If an installment loan is chosen, the borrower must transfer equal amounts from the first to the last installment each month.

After the last installment, the borrower owns the purchased car. In the case of balloon financing, low monthly loan rates are agreed. This leaves a high final rate at the end of the financing. The final installment can be paid in full or further financed with a new loan. A car loan despite temporary agency work is usually not approved by these banks.

Car finance – loan marketplaces on the Internet

Car finance - loan marketplaces on the Internet

Since a car loan is very difficult to obtain despite temporary agency work, consumers nowadays have to go different ways to get financing. One of these options is offered by online credit marketplaces.

The loans are made available on credit marketplaces by private donors and selected financial institutions. The term personal loan is often used. This form of credit is also offered by Smava. On the credit marketplace, consumers can apply for installment loans of between 1,000 and 50,000 USD.

Loan terms of up to 12 years are possible. The application is made online. An additional applicant is possible and can have a positive impact on funding. After entering the personal data, Smava will request credit bureau information. If this information contains hard negative characteristics, the applicant will be rejected. If a promise is made, the application is completed with information on income and expenses.

The portal’s funders can now submit loan offers. If the applicant has decided on an offer, a contract can be concluded.

Loan brokerage – additional loan collateral

Loan brokerage - additional loan collateral

If you have been rejected by a bank or do not want to work with the lenders of a credit marketplace, you can also contact a reputable credit agency. Credit intermediaries are financial service providers with authorization according to Astro.

This approval makes it possible to broker loans. These financial service providers work with numerous banking s so that credit intermediaries can offer consumers a wide range of credit models. Almost all credit agencies offer loans with or without credit bureau information. For a car loan despite temporary work, the credit bureau-free loan is not a solution because the credit requirements cannot be met.

Anyone who applies for a car loan with credit bureau through a credit agency must offer additional loan security as a temporary worker. Almost all intermediaries accept a guarantor. In addition, this guarantor must at least meet the credit requirements for the selected loan amount. In many cases, a co-applicant is included in a loan agreement as collateral.

If this loan security cannot be guaranteed, a car loan is not possible despite temporary work.

Car loan for temporary workers – be sure to compare

Car loan for temporary workers - be sure to compare

However, the renowned banks in particular want liquid credit customers. Anyone who applies for a car loan at these institutes despite temporary work is therefore often rejected. Additional loan collateral can prevent this refusal. Consumers who have identified various lenders who are eligible for a car loan must compare the offers with one another.

In doing so, special attention should be paid to the effective annual interest rate. Due to the increased credit risk due to temporary work, a lot of money can be saved with this comparison.


Serious loans with no upfront costs.

In many daily newspapers and on the Internet, many credit intermediaries offer their help with financial difficulties. Almost everyone who has been in a financially difficult situation has already thought about these offers. Unfortunately, many of these loan offers are overpriced or cause high costs in advance. With good banks, however, you can get serious loans without any upfront costs.

Banks and savings banks offer serious loans with no upfront costs

Banks and savings banks offer serious loans with no upfront costs

Finding reputable loans with no upfront costs is pretty easy these days. Banks, credit institutions, credit portals and credit intermediaries offer a wide variety of banking products on many websites. The loan request can be requested using a form at no prior cost. However, many dubious companies try to give the borrower hopes of a loan with an early promise. Already in these letters credit insurance or building society contracts are usually offered to secure the loan amount.

There is no objection to offers from credit insurance companies and other savings products that secure a loan if they can be optionally chosen for the loan. Companies that require a degree or state that the conclusion of a banking product has a positive effect generally do not act seriously.

Processing and agency fees incur additional costs

Processing and agency fees incur additional costs

However, the borrower may face additional costs. Loan offers from intermediaries or intermediary companies are mostly loans from abroad. Serious loans with no upfront costs are the exception. As a rule, these banks, whose headquarters are usually located in Switzerland, do not collect Credit bureau information up to a total of USD 3500. The credit intermediaries charge a commission and processing fees for these loans, which in most cases are deducted from the approved loan amount.

In rare cases, parts of the fees are added to the loan amount. This either increases the monthly rate or extends the term. Since this option of borrowing is often used by people who have been rejected by Best Bank, the loan interest is a few percentage points higher than that of domestic banks.

A credit comparison should always be made

A credit comparison should always be made

A loan used to repay loans or to settle financial obligations is often a medium to long-term financial tie. A payment period of 5 years and more is therefore not uncommon. In order to keep the costs as low as possible in advance, people who need a loan should compare many different offers. Serious loans with no upfront costs therefore help to improve the financial situation. Costs that do not arise cannot later become an additional burden on the borrower.

How to open a bank account for young people?


The objective is to eliminate barriers so that adolescents can be part of the economy of the country, through the opening of their first debit card . The result will be that 7 million young people will obtain a bank account, as well as the banking of the beneficiaries of the government scholarship programs.

How do you open a bank account for young people?

How do you open a bank account for young people?

In the past one of the most common restrictions that the young man encountered was that he had to turn 18 to have a debit card in his name. Nowadays it doesn’t happen that way. Teenagers aged 15 to 17 may have access to a savings account and the following requirements must be met.

Documentation for opening a bank account for young people

Documentation for opening a bank account for young people

Government-issued photo ID

They can be a passport, consular registration or a Social Security ID. If one of these papers is not available, the National Banking and Securities Commission ( CNBV ) must approve some other means of identification within its legal powers.

Meet the requested age

The age requested by the Credit Institutions and the Civil Code will have to be verified, so that the person who wants a savings account must be 15 to 17 years old . The birth certificate of the applicant will be necessary at the time of the procedure.

What can not be done with the bank account for young people?

What can not be done with the bank account for young people?

The first debit card has its limitations as it will not be possible to contract loans or credits from funds deposited in your savings account. That is, you can not direct your loan or credit expenses.

However, it is important to remember that to acquire loans or credits you must meet the age of majority, otherwise the corresponding procedure cannot be carried out.

What can be done with the account for young people?

  1. Memorize your PIN (password).
  2. Transfer to other accounts.
  3. Make deposits
  4. Buy online.
  5. Use the various applications of banks to check your balances.
  6. Buy in department stores.
  7. Pay streaming services.
  8. Acquire government grants.

How to lead a healthy financial life?

How to lead a healthy financial life?

Although the initiative is good but it runs a certain risk: the majority of the population does not have a financial education .

According to studies of the International Student Evaluation Program (PISA) , young people who have better financial education have two characteristics: they have access to a bank account and at home the family talks about money and learning to save . Hence the importance of having a healthy financial education so that in the future the young person does not end up with debt problems.

There are initiatives to boost financial education in young people like the one that will be carried out by the Association of Banks  (AB) , by asking banks to join the Youth Building the Future program in order to train them and ensure that they, in turn, train others.

Once the adolescent is prepared to enter the adult financial world, he can obtain his first credit card, with the workshops promoted by the banks and the possibility of being a holder of a savings account, it can be determined if he is ready to carry a stable financial life

Recommendations to use your first debit card

  1. Do not go to the cashier alone, always in the company of an adult.
  2. Find the bank staff if you need help with your card.
  3. Do not let anyone observe your PIN.
  4. Keep your money well when withdrawing from the cashier.
  5. Whenever you pay in one place, keep track of your card.

Good credit without Credit Bureau entry

If you are planning major purchases, you often want to implement them with a loan. The banks reject consumers who have bad credit and thus also bad credit ratings. The credit risk is too high for them. Especially when the Credit Bureau file is noticeable, such as reminded bills, canceled loans, affidavits or even bankruptcies.

These are all rejection criteria that are at the forefront of banks. Sometimes an unpaid mobile phone bill is enough to make a negative entry. But there are also opportunities for borrowing for this clientele. The financial market offers a Good loan without Credit Bureau entry to those who have negative Credit Bureau.

Good credit without Credit Bureau entry

Good credit without Credit Bureau entry

Many Good banks offer a loan to German loan seekers, a loan without Credit Bureau, and this type of loan can also offer the best conditions. The Good loan without Credit Bureau entry is usually applied for by a German bank from a Good bank. However, these loans have a bitter aftertaste for many consumers. One often reads about dubious credit agencies that rip off their customers but do nothing for it. A reputable credit broker will only charge his commission if the loan approval is positive.

In addition, the loan amount, the term, the installment amount and the interest rate should be set out in writing before the loan is taken out. Anyone who is fit online can also apply for a loan directly from the lending bank. With this form of credit request, there are no agency fees. The borrower does all the work independently. When looking for a credit broker, care should be taken to ensure that no unwanted home visits are billed.

Telephone advice should also be free of charge. The dispatch of the contract documents should only be calculated once the loan approval has been given. If one imagines that some credit intermediaries charge an agency fee that is between 100 and 600 USD and does not bend a finger for it, one can speak of a criminal act.

The view

The view

Even if the advertising loudly and much advertises the Credit Bureau-free loans, not all borrowers get a Good loan without Credit Bureau entry. First, the loan amounts are limited. There are loan amounts ranging from 3,500 USD to a maximum of 5,000 USD depending on the credit rating. Since the lending bank wants to have their borrowed money back, they hold back on the amount of money. For a Good loan without Credit Bureau entry, a minimum income of USD 1,070 and USD 1,600 is required.

This income is provided by the intermediaries as security in the event of a loan default, even though Credit Bureau does not check the creditworthiness. Since these loans are mostly covered by income, cession of wages is required. If there is a credit default, the attachable part of the salary is attached. In addition, a permanent job, just like at the German bank, is required.

Unemployed, self-employed or students are excluded from Good credit without Credit Bureau entry. The unemployed receive unemployment benefit that is a government allowance and therefore cannot be seized, the self-employed have an unreliable income, and for retirees the age limit is a barrier to lending.

Option to Choose

Option to Choose

The application is easy. An online form must be filled in and sent to the credit broker with the appropriate details. The further credit procedure is usually regulated in an automatic procedure. However, a borrower has to dig deep into his pocket for a Good loan without Credit Bureau entry at the interest rate level. Effective interest rates of 11.30 to 25.5% are taken into account, which is higher than the interest rate the banks have for overpriced overdraft.

Customers who do not receive a normal loan due to their poor credit rating should consider their financial situation. It is often high debts and the unreliable repayment of outstanding bills that deny credit to reputable banks. Anyone who is in debt distress should first go to the debt advice centers and seek detailed advice.

Sometimes this form of credit is also taken up by solvent consumers. If larger financial projects are planned in the near future and the Credit Bureau should be clean, then creditworthy consumers will also take a Good loan without Credit Bureau entry. The bank is not informed about this loan and the customer receives the best conditions for his project. However, you should think twice when an interest rate of 25.5% comes.
But Good credit shouldn’t just be demonized. If there is really an urgent need for money and the conditions are moderate, then this loan can be the solution.

Good Lender credit without proof of salary

The house bank is not always visited to apply for a loan. Many deliberately avoid these banks because they are often checked by Credit Bureau or have poor credit ratings. Some go across the borders of Germany and look for a Good Lender loan abroad. this is usually given to all solvent customers. However, exceptions are made, especially if the bank’s criteria cannot be met.

Information about Good Lender credit

Information about Good Lender credit

Many are not familiar with Good Lender credit and have to find out enough beforehand. A Good Lender loan is only granted abroad. This has the advantage that the customer is not checked for creditworthiness with the help of Credit Bureau. So if you already have a lot of entries in the Credit Bureau, you will often not get a loan from German banks, but you will get it abroad.

The application is made through a credit intermediary or the applicant personally introduces himself to the bank of his choice. A credit broker can be found on the Internet, who initiates all the necessary steps for a fee and provides advice. The Good Lender loan is always paid out to the borrower’s postal or checking account. As a rule, the payment takes only a few days from the time the loan is taken out.

Proof of salary required?

Proof of salary required?

Anyone who requests a Good Lender loan without proof of salary will be faced with closed doors. Since foreign banks do not work with Credit Bureau and can therefore only check the creditworthiness of the customer with the salary, no Good Lender loan is issued without proof of salary.

The bank abroad wants to be sure that the customer can repay the loan. However, this is not possible if no proof of salary is submitted. the bank will then not be able to check the creditworthiness and will therefore not issue a Good Lender loan without proof of salary. In other words, those who cannot prove a salary say that they have no work at all and therefore have no money at their disposal that they can use for repayment.

Find alternatives

Find alternatives

Anyone who fails to apply for the Good Lender loan without proof of salary should look for alternatives. Since there is also no credit at German banks without proof of salary, the alternatives are almost zero. You can try to get a personal loan. The offers from the Internet can be excluded because a salary must also be proven here. So only the way remains through family or friends. These will not require proof of salary and will lend money even without this proof.

A Good Lender loan without proof of salary is the last chance for many to get a loan at all, but it is not granted. Therefore, the family is the only chance for many in this hopeless situation to borrow money. However, this has the advantage that family members and friends do not charge interest for lending money. This makes this personal loan very cheap, because you only have to pay back the amount that was borrowed.

Thus, the financial situation can relax a little, because even small amounts can be used to pay bills. When paying back, care should be taken to ensure that the monthly installments are not set too high. Anyone who gets into difficulties with the repayment at the end of the month will continue to fall into debt trap.